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Tillerclutch- Accessories


Top view of cockpit showing tiller and TillerClutch
installation with various control line routing options




Route control line through fairleads at the transom to be cleated within reach on the coamings.   For smaller boats, cleat the control line on the transom near the corners of the cockpit.  



Control line routed directly to coamings. Locate cleats a bit aft of the TillerClutch while the tiller is swung fully toward the coaming.

  If you have a rudder post, position fairleads in line with the tiller hinge bolt in both the "X" and "Y" direction as shown. This prevents the tiller from being lifted by control line tension, but allows you to lift the tiller without loosening the line.  

Types of cleats used:
True "V" cleats are favorable for securing the control line, because they can be set with one hand without a load on the line.

Small cam cleats are also effective for securing the ends of the control line, but are more costly.

Common horn cleats can work for the control line, but require extra attention to adjust or remove the control line.