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Macs Products - Salt eze

Why use MACS?

Marine experts know that straight water flushing does little to remove damaging salt corrosion. These salt deposits build up inside the motor and cause damage in two ways -

  • Salt is deposited onto the cooling channel surfaces. Just like hard water mineral deposits on the interior of hot water cylinder pipes, the salt builds up to insulate the cooling system thereby reducing its efficiency. Overheating problems usually result.
  • Pitting corrosion occurs after the salt has broken the surface of the alloy and burrows into the actual motor block. Motor failure results when this process continues through to the cylinders or exterior.

In either case, use of MACS will drastically reduce these processes!

  • Regular use of MACS gently cleans harmful salt and corrosion deposits, even if the motor has never been flushed.
  • After cleaning, a fine film of corrosion inhibitor is left behind on all surfaces and this protects from corrosive salt water.
  • The film lubricates and protects moving parts in the water pump, including the impellor and thermostat.

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