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The New TillerClutchX
For Keel Boats

What is it?
The TillerClutchX is a modified version of the TillerClutch specifically intended for larger boats with heavier steering loads. These tend to be keel boats 27 feet (8 m) and larger, especially if they frequently exhibit heavy weather helm or often sail in moderately-heavy conditions. Both TillerClutch models are identical in appearance, dimensions, and screw placement, and both are made of the same heavy duty marine alloys that enable us to back them with our lifetime warranty. However, the “X” model has a more powerful clutching mechanism that doubles the maximum holding force on the tiller. In use, you will feel the same solid grip on the tiller when engaged and the nearly frictionless tiller movement when released. In contrast, you will notice a slightly harsher clicking action in the X's lever.

Which model for my boat?
The standard TillerClutch is intended for all but the lightest trailerable sailboats and day sailors up to 26ft, and also for larger, well-balanced boats.
The TillerClutchX provides extra holding power for heavier boats - generally keel boats 27 ft. and up. Some smaller, stout-built boats with heavy weather helm can benefit from the TillerClutchX as well, but the "X" model is not meant for lighter day sailors.

- In more detail, the standard TillerClutch is for lighter or well balanced sailboats that typically sail in fair to moderate conditions. The steering effort you would feel in the tiller is usually under 15-20 lb. (7-9 kg.) -like the weight of a bowling ball. The TillerClutchX is intended for heavier keel boats with stout steering hardware, that often exceed these tiller loads - up to 35 lb. (16 kg.) or more.

Caution: TillerClutchX is not recommended for most smaller trailerable-size boats. It can allow greater loads on the steering components than is advisable for their light weight construction. Also, if ever necessary, it takes more effort to overpower the "X" model without first squeezing the lever. Still, unlike using an "auto-helm", you will be able to force the tiller to move without disengaging the mechanism -using either model.
Neither model is recommended for ultra light unballasted sailboats like the Sunfish, where you will want to hand steer at all times.  

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